A memorable day - Brilliance Steel attend Concrete NZ annual general meeting

On February 14, 2024, a memorable day, Brilliance Steel attended the Concrete NZ Reinforcing Processors Stakeholder Group annual general meeting, proudly becoming the first Chinese face to appear at the conference.

Since its establishment in 2006, Brilliance Steel has prioritized product quality, construction safety, and green sustainability. We are deeply aware that we can truly gain recognition from customers and the market by continuously improving product quality, strictly adhering to construction safety standards, and committing to environmental sustainability. On this journey, we have never stopped exploring and innovating.

In the future, Brilliance Steel will continue to hold itself to higher standards, expanding the influence of the Chinese community in the mainstream market in New Zealand and speaking up for more Chinese enterprises.

Highlights of the meeting:

· Safety and innovation go hand in hand - The discussion focused on integrating health and safety, especially regarding the handling of reinforced steel lifting.

· Strategic direction observation - Concrete NZ leadership shared profound insights into organizational strategic directions, providing a macro perspective on industry development.

· Preface to sustainability - Sustainability issues became a focal point of discussion, and Brilliance Steel will continue to uphold the principles of sustainable development.

· Industry training - As industry training becomes standardized, Brilliance Steel will contribute to setting up training courses.